You say you want a revolution?

Read this and tell me if you still want a revolution…I see a lot of damn the rich out there still…to be expected, that’s the way politicians have been setting up the propaganda for years now. Course not the very rich, like the ones that help get the politicians elected; just the ones you see day to day, the ones that bug you because of what you perceive they have that you don’t, the ones you figure got there because they were lucky, the ones you assume have no sense of charity, the ones people like to assume a great deal about. It’s so easy to point fingers and Mao’s cultural revolution is what happened when pointing fingers got out of hand. Of course many of the people who profited from this revolution, government ministers and their cronies and their families are bringing billions into the North American economy, from a country that supposedly has made it illegal to take any money out of, they bring billions, much of it stolen from the people in one form or another. And we can say, oh it’s just the Chinese, or just the Russians, just the African despots that are the corrupt ones, but they are people, we are people, separated only by geography and circumstance. Just like in Egypt, one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter, and no matter how much blood is shed, the same government gets in…maybe not the exact same people, but their nephews, cousins, sons etc. We live in a very dangerous time, where people only learn their history in wikipedia info bites, headlines are all many people read, few can be bothered to take the time to read more than a paragraph or two…most people can barely get through a song without being distracted, which has a lot to do with the state of the industry these days, and ultimately with the state of the world. When a society is as ready to absolve itself of responsibility as ours has become, that’s when a Mao or a Hitler comes along and says, tell you what. You make me the Dude, the divine Man, and I will play Robin Hood and take all the money the rich stole and give it back! Hooray! Except they are humans too, if only barely, and they inevitably get to like the trappings of power, more than they care about the people they exercise that power over, and they decide that money they’ve taken from the rich they’ve killed is better used to coat their toilets with gold, because a golden toilet is a sign of how great a nation is theirs, in fact embassies worldwide with golden toilets would really show them….and so it goes. Because as I always say, it’s never “them”, it’s only “us”, and as such we, the collective humanity have allowed the Maos of the world to do their evil because of base emotions that exist in all of us: greed, hate, and envy. If we can change those emotions to love, empathy and acceptance, that will be all the revolution the world needs.