Alice In Modernland

Alice in Modernland’Alice’ is a musical for the new millennium, with a slight nod to the classic 1860 Lewis Carroll favorite, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, using the names of some of the characters, and the timeless war between the self and it’s fears, missteps, and triumphs.

aimodernlandIn the passing of over a century, Alice has evolved from a little girl in an almost adult fairy tale, into a young woman in a very adult fairy tale. In a story told with unique song stylings and compelling, musical lyrics, we see Alice coming up against a twisted, cartoonish cast of characters including C.C., the “Cool Cat”, trumpet playing narrator, to the Queen of Hears, an aging pop star, to finally battle a war with herself, in a subconscious journey to find a truth she can live her life by.

The storyline is a timeless twist on the human emotions which lurk within all of us; paranoia, insecurity, jealously and fear. It is a story about overcoming the dark side of the human condition, made real through the emotion-filled world of music. A classic story told in a contemporary setting, complete with all the subtleties and absurdities of the original. ‘Alice’ is a musical journey created to improve the human experience.

The Bird and the Waterfall

This is a story about the cycles of life, how history repeats itself in sometimes a strange and distorted way.

bandwIt is about listening to the voice inside of all of us, the one we know has the most of the answers, but we often choose to ignore, because the thundering waterfall of life’s experiences often conveniently drowns it out.

God starts with a whisper and ends with a yell, and so on and so on. Nothing is as it seems, yet all familiar to anyone who has ever known or been, a human.