More Alice Tracks

Finally got around to posting the next 3 songs from the first act of Alice in Modernland. In order they are “Stuck in the Blues”, where the Duchess comes upon Alice passed out on the sidewalk. The Duchess used the be “the Queen” of Modernland, but she has long since traded the warmth of the footlights for the warmth of the bottle. But she does have experience, and she shares that with the semi-conscious Alice. Then into the scene comes Mr. Big, a slimy record company owner, who seeing Alice hitting “rock” bottom, figures he has a good chance at further defiling her. Alice, with a lifetime of abuse and her recent missteps behind her, feels she can go no lower, follows him to his “lair”. CC, the Cheshire Cat, a trumpet playing dude, with his posse of Hipcats, watches her leave angrily. He and his band gave Alice her start in Modernland, and the first chance she had, she ditched them for the record deal in the sky. He tries to get hold of his anger, but it’s compounded by the fact that he has a bit of a crush on Alice.

I have placed these new tracks in order in a Soundcloud set (, so you can review the songs before, or just start where you left off in the story.

Once again, John Ellis on guitar, Norm Fisher on bass, me on most everything else, except for Ray Harvey, who helped me mix, in the bug infested garden shed in my back yard:) Enjoy!