Kind words about “A Feather and a Scale”

I love it when people take the time to send me their thoughts after listening to my music! Here are a few of them:

“Hi Kirsten, enjoyed listening to your CD all day today. Love all the tracks, but love love love “where does the time go”…. Looking forward to your concert/show. I’ll get a group of us to go.” NaSim

“”Feather and a Scale” was more insightful guidance for me in a spiritual (def: that which you are made of) way, at least as much as many “practical spirituality” Sunday morning church visits. I would like to find a choir again, that sang that kind of material. I thought Amos Mosely might, but no. The VOC Soul Gospel Choir, with Chico Tohomaso, (from Lionel Ritchie’s back-up band, the “Green Machine”) was fine for eight years, but became a “poor fit.” Something practical spiritual, but not too “Churchy.” Songs like “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” if done by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, or ever the soundtrack from “Close Encounters of a Third Kind,” (the horns are ecstatic!), I find moving.” Terry S.

“Best I’ve heard in a long’ long time…..Thanks.” Roger T.

“Your cd is much more than music, thank you for doing what you do” Pam Edgar, Radio Host, CHLY 101.7 FM

Keep ’em coming folks! I’ll be sharing them here, and as always, thank you for being there, for listening, for your big, beautiful hearts! Play on!:))