I know I’ve been pretty quiet here. I find all these social media sites both fun and exasperating…fun to be able to update people and express ideas as well as enjoy all the news and ideas others share with me, but so time consuming. What I’ve been focussing more on lately is practising, getting ready for my first solo opening set…just me and my Hummingbird, opening up for the R&B Allstars on July 5th and 6th at the Anza club. I’ll also be taking my old spot in the horn section of the Allstars, so of course there is much practising to be done for that. THEN, somewhere in there I’ll be recording my new EP…maybe CD…there’s a lot of songs to pick from:) This time I really want to focus on making it all flow together, a sound unique to this period. It’s amazing how the creative river flows here and there, now and then getting stuck in pockets then moving on. I am also looking very forward to going on a writer’s retreat in June with Richard Wagamese, the very prolific and successful author of “Indian Horse” and many others, acting as host with his wife Debra in Kamloops. I am so grateful for the opportunity to focus on writing for those 5 days and to hopefully grow as a creative being. Of course I am a little nervous…I’ve never done anything like this before, but I always find my greatest learning is done outside my comfort zone, so I’m expecting big things…but then I’m always expecting big things!

Anyway, back to practising I go and will be updating…when I can:)

Have a great day!