So much NEWS!!!!




I am SO far behind on this website these days…thought I would focus on painting, and practising, writing…just bury myself in work and see what would happen and what has happened? Fasten your seatbelts!!!

As my last post showed, I launched my new wearable art line, KNASH Designs a while back. I’ve been having so much fun designing leggings, cushion covers, all kinds of things that get my art out there for people that might not be able to make it to art shows and such…now you can order KNASH Designs from The Art of Where and Shopify and the list is growing!

I also published my first book/short story, called “The Anniversary”, and it is available on Createspace and Amazon, of course all the links will be published everywhere on this site!!:))

My paintings were shown at the Red Dot Art Fair in Miami by the Novem Fine Art Gallery at the beginning of December 2016, and that was an amazing experience!! I came back so inspired, the paint has been just flying onto the canvas!! Novem will also be showing my work at ArtExpo New York in April.

I have been asked to bring my paintings to Monaco in May…more on that later, and of course, Art!Vancouver is coming around at the end of May, and you know I’ll be there!!

But!! Today, I’m really excited to have received the news that my art has been featured on the box designed by Amanda Park of Park and Buzz Jewelry to send her beautiful earring and necklace set to be included in the swag bags for the top category nominees of the 2017 Academy Awards!!!! So all those people are going to see my painting, “Peony Ride” in a couple of weeks!! How cool is that? Very freaking cool!! 


So! Stay tuned, I’m going to try and keep up here, but I have a feeling things are going to get a little hectic:))) Happy Valentine’s Day all!!!

“Peony Ride”