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The View From Here

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A Feather and a Scale

A Review from Bruce Allen!!!
“This is a really enjoyable listen. “In Good Time” pulled me in right from the start. The last 3 songs, from “Same Old Song”, thru “Winter Came In” and ending with “Where Does The Time Go” were truly captivating. I must have played those last 3 songs at least 10 times over the weekend. They are a wonderful listen.
Your voice throughout is at times haunting…sometimes very seductive, and always perfectly slotted into the mix. The horns, though muted most of the time, really add to the tracks. This is a really enjoyable listen. Probably a bit of a throwback, but so what. It reminds me of one of my favorite cd’s by Shawn Phillips. It was called Second Contribution and was released in 1970. It had a plethora of colours and I remember playing the track “Song For Sagittarians” over and over again.
When I heard your stuff, it transported me back to a period when music was smart and ever evolving. I went upstairs and got my aforementioned CD and played it right after yours. That was a lovely hour of music.
Good work. Congratulations.

Price: $10.00 (US Pricing)